Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rental and B&B Car Rental Services

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B&B Car Rental Services
Frequently Asked Questions

What does car rental include?

  • Theft Insurance & Fire Insurance
  • Third Party Liabilities & Personal Insurance
  • CDW Damage Response Exemption, except for the amount deducted and varied depending on the car category
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week roadside assistance & emergency telephone
  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • No charge for First Additional Guide
  • No charge in case of late arrival
  • There are no fees in case of cancellation, you make a reservation now, you pay upon arrival
  • New safe vehicles, free car upgrades in winter and low season
  • Deliveries - receipts at ports and airports from 08:00 to 21:00
  • Free car parking in our ports, airports and offices
  • Free car washing at our offices
  • Free map
  • Municipal Tax & VAT
  • Immediate replacement of the vehicle in case of failure or accident

Is there a minimum or maximum booking duration?

Minimum lease time is one day (24 hours). There is no maximum reservation limit.

Can I set a different pickup / delivery point for the car?

Yes, you can change the delivery and delivery points by appointment.


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